Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello Summer Playlist

I decided to make a new summer playlist.  For some reason one day I decided I just had altogether too many playlists and started deleting them! Why did I do that?  Now, of course, I miss my deleted playlists.  Who cares if I have dozens of playlists?  So I asked for suggestions from friends.  I always discover a few cool new songs that way.  I also discover some not awesome to my ears songs.  I need to tweak it a bit.  I try to listen to songs a few times before I decide its gone forever.  Sometimes one listen is enough to know that I never want to subject my ears to that trauma again. 

Hello Summer Playlist

I have above attempted to copy my embed code for my spotify playlist into this post.  Will it work?  I have  no idea until I try to post this.  I'm having my doubts since my Blogger seems to be having issues and my publish button is greyed out.  Dang it!

So I shall continue to ramble.  Somehow I seem to have gotten a plus one on this post before I have posted it.  My talents amaze even me at times.  So NPR posted a list of summer songs that just listed the top Billboard songs from summers past.  My summer songs are more about a mood than a release date. 

Here are a few videos.  I try to pick the less mainstream ones that not everyone might have heard.

Bleachers - Roller Coaster.  Audio only but happy, catchy roller coaster song.  It makes my ears happy. 

Best Coast - The Only Place.  This song makes me want to be driving a convertible down the pacific coast highway.  The fact I've never been to California doesn't change this fact at all.


The Drifters - Under the Boardwalk.  I don't think this song will ever get old.  I feel perfect happiness when I hear this song.  If I were Angel, I would lose my soul.

I have such love for Kopecky Family Band.  This is called Heartbeat and it's more about mood than a traditional summer song but I heart it.  When I see them I like to figure out how I could join the band.  I see some guy jumping around with a tambourine and I think I could TOTALLY replace jumping around with a tambourine guy.  Then they play another song and he's playing the CELLO!  I could not ever play the cello so jumping around tambourine guy is safe from my evil plans to replace him. 
Okay, enjoy your summer, friends!  Post your favorite summer songs in the comments!  Por favor!