Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My hippy dippy happy happy joy joy songs for a lovely Tuesday afternoon in spring


Happy, happy, happy songs...

Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
"That's What's Up"
Adorable video and fun song. 
Family of the Year
"The Stairs"
 They made the sunrise for people like us so we have an excuse to watch it come up

"Give Love a Try"

Monday, April 29, 2013

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club at House of Blues Dallas


Such an incredibly awesome show!!! Absolutely the best show that I've been to this year and BRMC is always in my top five best shows I've seen! Now admittedly I'm biased because I love, love, love them and I have a mad crush on Peter Hayes but truly an amazing show.  I've been writing this post in my head for the past two days.  I was too sleep deprived to get to this before now.  I had to go to work the next morning which is always a bummer but absolutely worth it. 

I discovered BRMC maybe five years ago when I saw them at the Grenada in Dallas.  I'm thinking it must have been 2007 because I remember loving the songs from Baby 81 and at that time I was not into the Howl songs at all.  My appreciation of Howl has grown.   What I do know is that I was an instant fan.  I couldn't even see Peter's face with all his hair but he just exuded cool. 

This was the second time I saw them and so much better because I know most of the songs this time.  BRMC has some very hard, driving songs and then more ambient and introspective songs.   It's a great mix and they hit it hard then pull back.  It keeps the show fresh.  They're not very chatty on stage but that keeps the cool vibe going.  They let the music speak.  Also they play for a long time.  I really think longer than any other band I've seen, a solid two hours and maybe even a little longer than that.  Now that they have six albums I know it's not possible for them to play everyone's favorites songs but there were a few I would have loved to hear that didn't make it.

Now I'm really considering getting the old lady seats in the balcony next time.  Being short stinks.  Always there is a tall guy in front of me.  I finally get around or beside the tall guy and somehow another tall guy pops up in front of me.  I love being in middle of the crowd.  I love feeling the energy and working my way up closer to the stage.  I would say the last half of the show I was able to see without standing on my tiptoes peaking between shoulders.   I'm just thinking it's a trade off between being close and being able to see.  Still sitting at a show seems lame. I want to feel the bass coming up through the floor. I want to be a part of it not an observer.

So if you haven't listened to Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, I say listen to them and love them.  I really don't know how anyone could not appreciate their music.  Here's the set list.  It was a fabulous night!

Let the Day Begin - The Call cover
Red Eyes and Tears
Hate the Taste
Beat the Devils Tattoo
Whatever Happened to My Rock n Roll
Ain't No Easy Way
666 Conducer
You Run - acoustic Robert
Devil's Waiting - acoustic Peter (Note: I wanted to junk punch those talking during this song)
Fire Walker
Conscience Killer
Love Burns
In Like the Rose
White Palms
Funny Games
Six Barrel Shotgun
Spread You Love


Sell It
Lose Yourself

Also I want to buy Peter a gift of a quit smoking hypnosis CDs and Nicorette. I want him to live forever or at the very least longer than me.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Little Green Cars - Big Red Dragon

I am really loving Irish band Little Green Cars more and more.  This is their new single Big Red Dragon.  They filmed it while touring in the US and there's a pic in the video of the highiways sign of Waco/Fort Worth.  It's probably when they were headed to SXSW.  I don't think they played in DFW. 

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Kim Richey - Thorn in my Heart

Kim Richey is a new singer songwriter to me but it turns out she's been writing songs that I've been hearing and singing along to for years.  She's an Ohio native like me which of course makes me like her even more.  This is the title track from her new album - Thorn in my Heart.


I'll carry the weight of the world for you
No matter how far you ask me too.
I fighting a battle with the undertow
It's hard to hold your hand when you're letting go.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Kodaline - High Hopes


I'm totally digging Irish band Kodaline.  They are new to me but I think their sound is awesome.  It reminds me a bit of Coldplay but I hate putting bands in a box.  Just watch their video.  Oh and it's quite an interesting video at that.  They will be at the Live Oak in Fort Worth on Tuesday, April 30.  But who will I get to go with me?  I wish I were woman enough to go to a show by myself but I'm not. 

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Justin Townes Earle and Untapped

My number one attraction at the Untapped Festival was Justin Townes Earle.  He did not disappoint.  JTE put on a great show.  Justin Townes Earle is from Nashville and plays country music but not the slick, over produced country that you hear on Nashville country radio.  JTE has something so genuine in him.  Plus he's just a cool cat.  He likes to explore different era's of music and has blues, soul and classic country influences.  He's very musically knowledgable and shares a bit of that knowledge pm stage.  He also played two new songs.  It always feels like a treat to me to hear something new.  His little stories on stage were entertaining.  He crammed a lot of music into a limited time slot. My favorite part of the show was when everyone sang along to Harlem River Blues.  Great tune.  Also there was an uber fan behind me and his excitement was epic.  And hey check it out, that is a photo from the event that I took with my very own phone.  My photo skills are improving. 

Set list:

Foolish Heart - a new song, I don't know if that will be the name but I'm going with it.
Look the Other Way
Move Over Mama
Ain't Glad I'm Leaving
Mama's Eyes
One More Night in Brooklyn
Ain't Waitin'
Single Mothers - another new song and he said this was the name
Am I That Lonely Tonight
Harlem River Blues
Midnight at the Movies
Black Eyed Suzy
Baby's Got a Bad Idea
Rogers Park
Can't Hardly Wait

So the rest of the festival.  When I arrived Skeleton Coast was on stage but I was more interested in checking out my surroundings and trying some beer than seeing them.  I never show enough love to my local bands because I always think I'll have another chance to see them.  THEN I find out that Skeleton Coast is taking a break after that event so I wish I would have prioritized catching them.  I did see the Orbans and feel bad for their singer because I know he's going to have a horrible sunburn today.  I dig the Orbans.  I would like to see them again and I'm looking forward to their new album. I heard a little of Tennis and Sarah Jaffe.  I prefer flat haired Sarah Jaffe to high haired Sarah Jaffe.  I dig Clementine but the new stuff isn't my thing.  Still props to her for trying something new.  Deer Tick is fun and really the perfect beer drinking music.  It's funny how the mood changes at a festival after dark.  I love their song The Bump, another great sing a long song.  The crowd also spontaneously broke out the Star Spangled Banner before Deer Tick took the stage. 

This festival is all about indie beer and indie music.  I'm not a beer afficionado.  If I drink beer, it's Shocktop, Blue Moon or Ruby Redbird.  Because this was a beer drinking event I had to try some new things.  I'm just not one for the strong, dark, bitter beer and definitely not for the beer that tasted like a pincone.  I did enjoy the Brooklyn Brewery Pale Ale #55 and Goose Island Matilda.  I had to drive so I didn't need to be drinking all kinds of beer anyway but I had a few little cups, seriously they were size of shot glasses.  You get a taste. 

So suggestions for the next Untapped.  Please, please, please, have more porta potties!!!! This is a beer drinking event.  It would really be awesome if you had separate girls and boys potties too.  That was absolutely the low point of the event when I had to use the restroom.  It was dirty.  There was no toilet paper.  The seat was wet!!!!   I'm hoping that was beer in the sink.  I did the hover thing but felt gross.  It was just super ick.  If you need to charge $5 more for ticket to provide more restrooms, do it!!!!   I also know that I don't know all the logistics but wish the festival had been set up on the lawn and not the pavement.  I also think it would be nice to be able to bring in lawn chairs or blankets. 

Still it was a good vibe and a fun night.  Beer drinkers are just fun people.  I made some new friends and listened to some great music.  I would also like to request that attractive Rockabilly guy quit smoking.  Unfortunately, that's a deal breaker for me. 


Friday, April 19, 2013

Songs of Hope

This has been such a difficult week.  There was a horrible terrorist attack that claimed an 8 year old among its victims.  There was a tragic explosion that claimed lives including those of first responders.  There have been so many killed and injured, property lost and a town devastated.  Some days you just wonder what's wrong with our world.  I remind myself that there are many, many more good people out there.  The people that rush to help restore my faith.  I do believe that hurt people, hurt people.  I wish we could find a better way to help them before they hurt others.  I listen to songs that are like musical bandaids for the soul.  Here are some of  my songs of hope...

"One Day" by Matisyahu
Sometimes I lay
Under the moon
And thank God I'm breathin'
Then I pray
Don't take me soon
'Cause I am here for a reason
"Tomorow Will Be Kinder"
by the Secret Sisters
Today I've cried many a tear
And pain is in my heart
Around me lies a somber scene
I don't know where to start
But I feel warmth on my skin
The stars have all aligned
The wind has blown, but now I know
That tomorrow will be kinder
"Hey World (Don't Give Up)"
by Michael Franti
Hey world, what you say
Should I stick around for another day or two?
Don't give up on me, I won't give up on you
Just believe in me, like I believe in you

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Norah Jane Struthers - bluegrass with a sweet voice

Norah Jane Struthers and the Party Line's new album Carnival was released today.  I had just recently discovered her.  I love Allison Krauss and was told I would love her too and they were right.  This is wonderful bluegrass music with sweet voice. 

This is the title track from the new album Carnival.  It makes me want to go to the carnival too and get a red balloon and sweet potatoe fries.  Not really on the sweet potato fries I'm more of a caramel apple girl.  It's a cute song and a fun video.  

This was the first song I heard by Norah Jane Struthers "Say Darlin' Say".  I just wanted to share it too.  

Monday, April 15, 2013

Hello, My Old Heart aka my current favorite song

The Oh Hello's are a brother and sister from San Marcos, Texas making beautiful folk rock music.  This song is my current favorite.  I just heard it for the first time on KXT the other day but it's from their 2011 self titled album.

Hello my old heart
It's been so long since I've given you away
And every day I add another stone to the walls I've built around you to keep you safe

Tyrone Wells at the Cambridge Room, House of Blues Dallas

I caught Tyrone Wells for the second time at the Cambridge Room at the House of Blues in Dallas.   This was my first time in the smaller room and again it is a struggle being a short person at a general admission show.  Luckily, super awesome ponytail and glasses guy heard me whine when he stepped in front of me and moved out of my way.  See I just knew that other Tyrone Wells fans would be sweet and considerate. 

If you aren't familiar with Tyrone Wells he is a singer songwriter and has so many beautiful songs.  I actually discovered him when he opened another show and he blew me away so much that I remember him and not the headliner.   When I bought these tickets I was in a relationship and Tyrone Well's "You're the One" spoke to my heart.  I am single at the moment and almost skipped the show because I thought I might get a little sad.  He didn't play that song and I still had an awesome time.  I'm so glad my friend gave me a little nudge to go.

I do have to say that he would be a great show for a couple in love to see. He said there have been eleven proposals at his shows.  Love is definitely in the air at a Tyrone Wells show.  At this show it was mostly me loving Tyrone Wells and his music.  He is a beautiful soul which is apparent in his music but becomes even more apparent when he speaks at his shows.  He obviously hasn't let success go to his beautiful bald head.  There is a lot said about the fact that he is the son of  a preacher but I do think that probably grounded him in a way that other artists are not.

Set list

Sink or Swim
Head Over Heels
Running Around in my Dreams
Two Buffaloes - yodeling song
No Sunshine When She's Gone - Bill Wither's cover
Happy as the Sun
All You Gotta Do is Dream
Baby Don't you Change
Medley: Adele's Fire to the Rain, Elie Goulding's Lights, Taylor Swift's Trouble
A Beautiful Place to Be
Sea Breeze

Encore:  Remain

Just a quick note about his opening act Wakey Wakey.  I really didn't know his music but enjoyed it and found Michael Grubbs to be very funny and personable.  As much it's about the music it's fun to spend time with someone that you think you would like as a friend.  I will be listening to more of his music now.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Four for Friday

Some new to me music that I'm digging this Friday night.

"Keep the Wolves Away" by Uncle Lucius  Just try to listen to this song and not feel something.  It's a great commentary on those struggling economically and people doing whatever is needed to care for their familes.  This song has heart.  I love that Uncle Lucious is taking donations for food banks at their shows to help struggling Texas families. 

I'm really enjoying Wheeler Brothers new album Gold Boots Glitter.  This is my favorite song "You Got a Lot of Love".  My other favorites are "Straight and Steady" and "Cigarette Smoke".  How can I describe Wheeler Brothers to someone who hasn't heard them.  I have heard like Mumford but I really don't think that.  I say listen and decide for yourself but lets go with folk roots Americana. They are from Austin and will be coming to Fort Worth to the Live Oak on April 27, 2013.  I really wish I could catch them but I'm already going to see BRMC that night.  Hopefully they will be back in the area soon. 

"Six Riders" by the Dirty River Brothers.  I love a song that tells a story and I love Dirty River Brothers sound.  They've been playing this on 95.9 the Ranch and I give it a big thumbs up whenever I hear it.  They will be at the Fort Worth Music Festival in May and will be back in town in July for a free performance at the Capital Bar.  I will be seeing them at both. 

Another song that 95.9 the Ranch turned me onto.  I love this song.  "Gawd Above" by Jon Fullbright.  This song is amazing.  It's just such a powerful song that I can't believe it's just one man with a guitar and a harmonica. I have to say that as much as this song is amazing I don't agree with Jon Fulbright's jerk of a God.  My God is a loving God.  

Thursday, April 11, 2013

It's like a musical anti-anxiety drug.

So I had an incredibly stressful day at work today.  I love that music can just take me away from all that anxiety and I can leave it all behind me.  Music is such a powerful mood changer.  Today I'm sharing three of my favorite calm down songs.

Come my brother, come slowly, Come easy my friend, come my friend

Xavier Rudd's - Come On Let Go.  Xavier is an incredibly talented multi-instrumentalist.  I find reggae or reggae inspired beats to be the most calming. 

This is Lost in a Moment by Shrift.  The video is as calming and meditative as the song. 

Jason Mraz - Details in the Fabric

You may also want to check out the Shins and Kings of Convenience.  I find them both to be theapeutic.  Ah, now I can breathe again.  It just takes a few deep breaths and some good music and it's a whole new, calm world.  If you feel like sharing, I would love to know what songs help you calm down and destress.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Dawes new album - Stories Don't End


Dawe's new album, Stories Don't End, came out yesterday and I can't stop listening to it.  I am not a  critic so if you want a review where they pick albums apart you can find plenty of those on Google.  Basically, anything I share on here is something that I love.  If I don't love it, I move on. 

So Dawes may be "the next big thing".  They did open for Bob Dylan which is a big deal.  They're just my kind of music.  I love the granola crunchy, folk roots feel.  I love music that speaks to me, lyrics that touch my heart and sngs that I think were written just for me.  It's hard for me to pick favorite tracks because I'm loving all of them.  Check out Someone Will,  Most People and Just Beneath the Surface.  Below is a lyrics video of their first single, From a Window Seat.  This song is growing on me but it definitely wasn't my favorite from the album and honestly it has a very different mood than the rest of the album. 

I will be catching Dawe's at KXT's Summer Cut in Dallas in June.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sad, happy and indifferent wake up songs

Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles, maybe more the end of winter than good morning but it still works for me. 

When you wake up
Feelin old
At this piano filled with souls
by Wilco
Wake up
by the Ditty Bops
Breath deep,Speak out,Make up your mind,Be brave,Follow your dreams,Listen to you heart,Close your eyes,Make a wish.

Lord, I hope this day is good
by Don Williams
Lord, I hope this day is good
I'm feelin' empty and misunderstood
I should be thankful, Lord, I know I should
But Lord I hope this day is good

When you wake up feeling sad
by Allison Moorer

Where did it go
The joy you know
Just slipped away in the night

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The saddest sad songs...

So I'm having a bit of a bad, sad day.  Usually when I get in my moods, I want to listen to a happy song that will pick me up but some days I just want to wallow in my sadness.  Today is one of those days.  My sadness is named men disappoint.  So even though the songs where someone is lost are really sad that's not my flavor of sad today. 

This is my saddest sad song.  Beth Orton's cover of I wish I never saw the sunshine.  This is also a great example of how a cover can have so much more depth and emotion than the original. 

Gary Jules cover of Mad World is my son's saddest song.  It is very melancholy. 

Guster's The Empire State - I wish I could find the words to describe how this song makes me feel.  It makes me want to cry and gives me hope at the same time.  That's the best I can do.

Okay, enough wallowing in sadness for one day.  Maybe I will balance this with happy songs tomorow.  So my imaginary readers, what is your sadddest sad song?

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Quiet Company at the Live Oak, Fort Worth

I caught Quiet Company at the Live Oak in Fort Worth last night.  My musical crush on Taylor Muse continues to grow.  I adore his music and admire his lavish beard.  My top signs of a great show are if I can't be still and if I want to follow them to their next show.  I never get to follow them to their next show but I wish I could.  I think the entire band is great.  Jeff Weathers, Matt Parmenter, Cody Ackors and Thomas Blank, you are all fabulous.  This reminds me of  Almost Famous where the lead gets all the props and the rest of the band fades in the background. 

So I grabbed a new CD, which is actually an old CD that they improved, and a cutie cute T.  I think it's important to financially support musicians especially when they're not at the superstar multi-millionaire level.   I meant to go back for a poster but since I had to go to work this morning I just headed out after the show.  I'm really  hoping that they didn't come back on after I left.  They put on an amazing, very high energy show.  My only request would be that they play longer.  I also wish we could show them more love and just pack a place.  I think their music deserves more appreciation.  

Here's the setlist or my best efforts at a setlist.  I'm really not sure that they played the same song to open and close the show but somehow that's what I had written down.  Everyone thinks I'm bored at the show and playing on the phone but what I'm actually doing is keeping a setlist.  I only had one beverage so I'm assuming I got it mostly right. 

The Easy Confidence (What I would say to you now
You, Me & the Boatman (Truth is, I've been thirsty my whole life
Preaching to the Choir Invisible Part II (What do you think happens when we live?)
It's Better to Send Money
On Modern Men
Holland, 1945 - Neutral Milk Hotel cover
Set Your Monster Free (My New Years Resolution is to Cope with my Morality)
The Easy Confidence (What I would say to you now)

This was my first time to the Live Oak and I really liked the venue.  We did have to park and walk a bit but that was fine.  I love that it was nonsmoking.  Smoke really bothers me.  I also thought it was a  nice size venue, a cool location on the near Southside/Magnolia area.  The above pic is not my pic and not from the show last night.  My pics were horrible so I grabbed one off the interwebs.  I do not know the photographer but they're greatly appreciated and I would be delighted to give credit where credit is due.  I'm glad that the trombone player is in the pic.  I love that they have a trombone player.  Horns make music better.  It just mixes it up when you add something that isn't the norm. 

So I wanted to say a word about the spiritual doubt portrayed in their We Are All Where We Belong album.  I do like that listening to these songs pushes me to think about my beliefs.  I had a hard time listening to some of these songs.  I am a questioner and a seeker of spiritual truth.  If I were an apostle, I would have been doubting Thomas.  I believe but I don't know.  I would like to know.  I would like to have absolute faith and certainty that what I believe is the right thing.  I question whether my beliefs are truly my own or if they are just what I was taught by my church, school and parents.  I had moments of thinking I shouldn't be listening to this band.  I had moments of  thinking I need to pray for Taylor Muse, that he finds his way back to God.  Then I realize that this is exactly what I had a problem with religions, the idea that MY way is the right way.  I have always had a problem with the idea of "believe what we do - or you'll go to hell."  I do believe that spirituality and religion are a personal journey.  I wasnt everyone to have beliefs that bring them peace and comfort.   Beliefs that make them happy, a better person and help them to love and serve others.   I only have a problem with other belief systems when its used as a justification to hurt others.  My simple beliefs, helping good, hurting bad.  I do absolutely believe in God.  I just worry that my belief isn't for God's benefit but for my own benefit.  I have had some very low lows and the belief that there is a plan and purpose was hugely comforting to me.  The idea of  "you meant it for evil but God meant it for good" gave me hope that my struggles were part of a bigger plan and a bump on the road to the good.  I love that this music is more than just a five minute distraction.  It's something with much more substance.  I'm interested to see what comes next from Quiet Company.  I also really wonder about the spiritual beliefs of the other band members. 

Quiet Company is an Austin band and they will be back in the area at the Dallas Homegrown Fest on May 11.  I won't be able to make it because I have a graduation to attend but I would love to see them again and encourage everyone to catch them if they can.  

Thursday, April 4, 2013

It's not country...it's Texas Country!

I like mainstream country but LOVE Texas country.  My friend, Amanda Sue, gets lots of credit for turning me on to Texas Country.  She is a huge fan and as I've gone to more shows with her and listened to more music she sends me on Spotify, she's won me over to the Texas Country party.

So how is Texas country different from mainstream Nashville country, I'll give you my take.  Texas Country is more heartfelt, genuine, predominantly male, not always but usually a Texas born and raised artist.  I don't think you will ever hear a Texas country song cross over to the pop charts.  It's maybe not quite as polished.  There are Texas country artists that have gone on to mainstream such as Pat Green with Wave on Wave or the Eli Young Band but I say once you're Texas Country we won't ever stop claiming you.  If you live in DFW, 95.9 the Ranch is Texas Country.  Oh and for those who don't know Red Dirt is Texas Country's Oklahoma cousin.  Now the hard part is picking just a few songs to share with you. 

First up, Stoney LaRue.  He put on a great show and we were so close to the stage but we had some ridiculous drunk females who did their best to ruin our night.  They seemed to think that they were going to push their way in front of us, I don't think so! lol.  I believe we may have even inspired a comment from Stoney about how country shows don't ususally have a mosh pit. This is One Chord Song.

Wade Bowen - Saturday Night.  Before I went to see him at Billy Bob's, I could not stop singing this song.  To the point that my son would ask me "still? with this song?" I then just sing louder because I have to get pumped up for th show.  Jeesh.   My son thinks country music is all about complaining but heartbreak is part of the human experience.  This song is much more mellow in the acoustic version. 

Randy Rogers Bands - Kiss Me in the Dark.  A lovey dovey song to make me wish I had a love to kiss me in the dark.  "Let your skin talk to my soul"  -  I love that line.

I know that Kenny Chesney has done a cover of this song but you have to listen to and appreciate the original.  El Cerrito Place by Charlie Robison.  I think it's just has much more feeling.  It's the real deal to me. 

I have to add Mike Ryan, the Cold One, for my friend Amanda because he's her favorite.  I missed him the other night and Amanda has pics of him all hugging all over her.  No fair. 

Okay, more Texas country to come but that will do it for today.  For those who are new to Texas country, what do you think?  What do you think is different between Texas country and mainstream country?

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New music with that 60's sound

I love so much music but one of my favorite genres is 60's Motown, girl groups, the Supremes.  I have noticed several new songs that have a little bit of that 60's feel so that's my inspiration today. 


I think I've already posted another song by the fabulous Canadians - Chic Gamine.  This song is called Closer. 
Allen Stone - Say So - described as a white, seeing Stevie Wonder, lol.  He will also be at the Fort Worth Music Festival this year.  Unfortunately on Saturday, so I won't get to catch him but he's definitely worth a listen. 
Best Coast such a California loving band.  This song is called the Only Place.  This album, The Only Place, came out last year and I love it.  They will be coming to Granada Theater in Dallas soon.  I doubt I will make it but I think they're fabulous. 
This is new Beach Boys - From There to Back Again.  I love the fact that they are still writing and recording new music.  This song is just very sentimental.  It's from their 2012 album That's Why God Made Radio.