Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Home taping is killing music...

According to the interwebs Henry Rollins said it...

worth sharing... and yes I don't always think about all the people working so hard to make sure it's a great show.  It's not just the performers but many others too.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Linky Love - Weird Inspirations for Beloved Popular Songs

I enjoyed this Listverse article and thought I would share it with you.  It's always interesting to hear the stories behind songs. 

Full article

SOTD - Billie Joe + Norah - Long Time Gone

I'm listening to the album Foreverly by Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones and I'm loving it.  How does this even happen?  Are they friends?  They just kick around ideas and this is the result.  I think it's amazing and my SOTD is Long Time Gone. 

Monday, November 25, 2013

SOTD - Hell and Back by Airborne Toxic Event

Ahh a new favorite song.  How do I know when it's a favorite.  When I star it as a favorite the first time I listen to it.  When I hear when I'm falling asleep.  When it's the soundtrack to my dreams.  So here's Hell and Back by Airborne Toxic Event.  Just a catchy, catchy song.  I hope you like it as much as I do. 

Friday, November 22, 2013

Zane Williams at Billy Bob's Texas

Urgh!  I hate that I didn't get a good picture last night.  Next time I will walk right up to the stage and snap one.  So this is not a pic of Zane Williams at Billy Bob's.  It is actually a still from his video for Overnight Success which I posted below.  Last night was his first headlining performance at Billy Bob's and my first time seeing him.  If you aren't familiar, Zane Williams is a Texas country performer and HE IS AWESOME!  Okay, I just love him.  What makes you love a certain artist and their music, I don't know but I completely dig him.  I did miss the first song or two which is a bummer since I'm sure he probably played Kissin' which is one of my favorites off the new album, just because it's so sweet and cute.  I had invited a bunch of friends but some dissed me and Zane for cheap beer or because it was raining - lame!  They missed a fabulous show. 

This is Overnight Success my favorite Zane song.  I know I've posted it before but I'm posting it again.  Half the reason I have a music blog is so I can pimp people I love. 
Here's my best attempt at a setlist. 

Little Too Late
On a Good Day
Pablo and Maria
Driving My Life Away - Eddie Rabbit cover
Overnight Success
Amarillo by Morning
Louisiana Saturday Night
If You're Gonna Play in Texas
Calling Baton Rouge
Wagon Wheel
99 Bottles

Amanda Sue, Zane and me - fun night!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Linky Love - Five Places to go Record Digging

Here is a fabulous article about where to shop for records.  There are hold outs ....

If you are in the DFW check out Doc's Records and Vintage located on Camp Bowie.  Half Price Books is also a great place to look.  If I could find a fabulous mid century working record player,  I might join the vinyl collectors.  Maybe this should be added to my wish list. 

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

My favorite music apps

I do miss record store days.  I guess there are still some hold out record stores but they are definitely becoming a thing of the past.  Most people that I know don't even buy CD's anymore.  We are living in the digital age.  It's sad to see things go but there are so many new exciting things that make it easier than ever to discover great new music.  I just wanted to share a few of my favorite apps. 

Spotify!!!  I love Spotify!  It is absolutely the best $10 I spend a month.  I love hearing my music without commercials.  I love having my music on my phone.  I love creating and sharing playlists.  I love being able to hear new music without having to buy an album that I may or may not like.  I am Amy Trevino on Spotify.  Find me and follow me and I will follow you back.  I still financially support artists I love by going to their shows and buying merch if my budget allows.

Band in Town.  You can track your favorite artists and find out when they schedule shows in your area.  No more missing shows.  You can also just see who is playing on any given night.  Such an awesome app.  It also interfaces with Facebook so you can use it to let your friends know you're going to a show and invite them along.

Shazam - What's that song?  I used to try to remember lyrics and Google them.  That's no longer necessary now you just Shazam the song and they will tell you the artist and title.  Not 100% because I like local music and some obscure music, Shazam doesn't always help me but most times it does its job well.

The Head and The Heart at Southside Ballroom Dallas

Ach! Life is passing me by.  I saw The Head and the Heart on Friday night but kept waiting to write this up.  The best reviews are when it's super fresh.  This shall be my short and sweet concert review.

"Sounds Like Hallelujah" a song with interrupted cadence well more of change in tempo but awesomeness whatever you want to call it

The Head and the Heart is a folksy sounding band from Seattle.  I discovered them this past year and fell in love with the song "Lost in my Mind".  I think this is their most well known song and it was amazing live.  When I saw that they were coming to town, I immediately bought tickets.  It was a very young crowd and it sure seemed like a full house.  I have to put in my typical gripe about being too short for GA shows.  It really stinks not being able to see everything.  I guess the rule needs to be that I need to get to the venue early and claim a spot close to the stage.  I really think we should all line up like in grade school pictures with the short people in front and the tall people in back.  Then again I want to be with my tall man and we would be separated.  I guess that brilliant idea will not hold up. 

Lost in my Mind - amazing song from the first listen

The band opened with Shake, their first single from their new album which was recently released.  I think actually in November.  They followed with Homecoming Heroes which inspired a "fucking awesome batman" exclamation from my guy who really didn't know the Head and the Heart before we went to the show.  Their music can be unusual.  It doesn't always have the traditional verse chorus verse chorus structure.  I like any band that mixes it up and does things a little differently.  They also have some wonderful heartfelt lyrics.  The problem is that some of the slower, more mellow songs just aren't exciting live.  "Sounds like Hallelujah" was great live.  I don't think I heard Josh McBride which is my favorite song from the new album. 

Down in the Valley - I just love songs that build like this.

Here's a partial setlist.  I didn't get them all.

homecoming Heroes
10,000 Weight in Gold
Let's Be Still
Winter Song
Sounds like Hallelujah
Rivers and Roads
Honey Come Home
Down in the Valley

 The Shake
So The Head and the Heart is a band that I hope to hear much more from.  

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

SOTD - Eric Church - the Outsiders


Just heard this song and I like it.  It surprises me that I like it.  It's different and interesting and not what I expected from Eric Church. 


If I were queen of country music radio...

So many of my friends are big time Texas country fans and they have no use for mainstream or Nashville country.  I still like some country music but do think they have lost their way a bit.  I love Miranda Lambert, Zac Brown Band, Little Big Town and Kasey Chambers.  It's just that there is some awful music getting radio play and some wonderful music that I have never heard played on the mainstream country stations.  I just thank God that I live in the age of the internet where I can discover this music without radio.  So the CMT's tonight got me to thinking about the music I would play if I were the queen of country radio.  Here are a few songs...

The wonderful Justin Townes Earle singing "Harlem River Blues".  That's some good stuff there.  He is the son of Steve Earle and named after Townes Van Zandt. 

Nikki Lane "Gone, Gone, Gone"

Jason Isbell "Alabama Pines"  He is formerly of the Drive By Truckers.  His new album Southeastern is one of my favorites of this year.  Love him.

Awesome Mindy Smith singing amazing "Come to Jesus" 
Local favorite Zane Williams singing "Overnight Success"  I love him and I love this song.  I can't wait to go see him in a couple of weeks at Billy Bob's. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My favorite karaoke songs


So I finished my previous post about the do's and don'ts of karaoke and decided I need to share my favorite karaoke songs.  I mean how will the interwebs go on without knowledge of my favorite karaoke songs.  It's just a public service that I perform here. 

First up Santeria by Sublime.  I don't know about everywhere but at the Mule everyone sings along. 

Ah hell hath no fury like a woman scorned or Carrie Underwood in Before He Cheats

Do you have the time to listen to me whine?  Basketcase by Green Day I like being Billy Joe.  I guess I should pick some new songs too.  This song is almost 20 years old?!?  How?  Why? 

Did I say a new song?  I totally lied.  I love singing the Supremes.  I want to be a Supreme.  I want to be Diana Ross.  I have to make do with karaoke night.

Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls  ... maybe this is going to be an oldies karaoke list

I am now inspired to listen to Motown as my distracting me from cleaning music.  Ugh, I hate cleaning but music helps make it bearable.  Have an awesome day friends!  If you feel so inclined share your favorite karaoke songs in the comments. 

My do's and don'ts of karaoke

Do have a beverage or two.  It will help loosen you up a bit.  If you're an awesome singer, you can sing sober but it's more fun if you're a little happy.

Don't just sit there watching other people.  Be brave.  Sing.  It's fun.

Do pick a song that people will know.  This is not time for some obscure song no  one has never heard of.  I don't care how much you love it.   I don't care if it's a beautiful song.  It's better if the audience can at least hear the artist in their heads and maybe sing along.

Don't pick some sad song that makes you cry.  Think upbeat.  Upbeat songs are soooo much better for karaoke. 

Do PERFORM!  Smile!  Look at people!  Have fun!  A little attitude goes a long way even if you don't have the greatest voice in the world.  I have lived this,  people!

Don't pick a song with a long instrumental in the  middle of the song.  You will just stand there feeling like an idiot waiting for your time to sing again.  Again, this is the voice of experience.

Do sing with your friends.  Some won't let you bring your friends up if they're not listed on the slip.  Check this out when you get there. 

Don't sing BeyoncĂ©.  Really, just don't do it. 

Do be polite to the other singers.  Even if they have awful voices.  Even if they pick the worst song on the planet.  Be nice.  Ask the worst singer for their autograph.  Don't tell them it's because they were the worst singer.

Have fun!  Karaoke!  Take pictures!