Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Sad and beautiful songs by Agnes Obel

I don't remember how I found Agnes Obel but I think she has a beautiful voice and writes amazing songs.  She is a Danish singer songwriter.   My favorite song is Riverside. 

I don't watch the show Revenge but I hear this song was played on it.  I think that would absolutely be my dream job, picking songs for tv shows and movies.  How fun to find the perfect song for the mood of the scene and also you can help some artists that never seem to get radio play no matter how amazing they are. 

This song is called "Just So". 

Agnes has a new album, Aventine, coming out in September.  This is her first song and video from that album called "Curse". 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Meet Good Old War

I love, love, love so many songs by Good Old War.  I just had to share them with all of my friends on the interwebs.  Also I am majorly crushing on the drummer.  I would share more about them but I have to go get ready for work.  Listen and love people.  They are an awesome band. 

Amazing Eyes - "I know I never meant any harm to anyone.  I know I never meant any harm at all"

Calling Me Names
Coney Island


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

If I stay trouble will find me...


My latest can't get enough of it album is The National's Swallow the Cap.  This should have been in my top albums of the year and will absolutely make the end of the year list.  Tickets to their show may very well be my overtime earning splurge on pay day.  The problem is that I've spent my overtime in my head one hundred times already, lol.  Still they were in Rolling Stone's top live bands issue and my favorite psychedelic Australians are opening for them.  That's Tame Impala by the way.  I just might have to make this happen.  Listen and love people.  Maybe I should have named my blog listen and love.  Maybe I like that better than Interrupted Cadence. 

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Stories Behind 22 Classic Album Covers

Stories behind 22 classic album covers

I thought this article on Mental Floss was interesting and wanted to share it. 

Anymore of This by Mindy Smith and Mathew Perryman Jones

My new favorite song. 

My love letter to Kopecky Family Band

I can't remember when I first heard Kopecky Family Band but I know I loved them from my first listen.  It's so great discovering a band that makes the music that warms your soul.  I love their harmonies, hand clapping, whistling, horns, strings.  They are really very talented musicians.  They have a great energy and put on an awesome live show.  Catch them if you can.  I guarantee it will be a fun night.  I wanted to get a pic with Kelsey and Gabe when I saw them at Live Oak but wussed out on asking them.  Next time, I'll be brave. 

They only have one full album at this time, Kids Raising Kids, and they just had their first tonight show performance.  Now if only they would play this on the radio.   This is why I'm so thankful for the internet because I can discover music that I never hear on mainstream radio and then I can be excited when they do find success. 

Listen and love...

This is my favorite song off their new album Kids Raising Kids.  It's called "Heartbeat".   My guy digs this song too.  It got a spot on my Amy Loves Donovan playlist. 

This song is called "Hope". 

And I just had to add this pic because Gabe has such a cute expression on his face.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Listen to BOY

I just can't stop listening to BOY.  They are female singer songwriters from Germany.  They are just catchy and fun to sing a long songs. 

Waitress by BOY

Little Numbers by BOY

This is the beginning by BOY.