Wednesday, December 31, 2014

My Five Favorite Albums of 2014

I love new years.  It's a great time to reflect on where you are and where you want to be and know that you can change things.  2014 was a wonder year for me mainly because I married my loml.  We're ringing in the New Year at Gas Monkey Live in Dallas with the Wild Feathers.  They are one of my favorite band discoveries this year.  I discovered them on KXT and got to see them at KXT Summercut.  They were the best of the show by far.  Here's a look at my other favorites of 2014. 

Five Favorite albums of 2014

Small Town Heroes by Hooray for the Riff Raff.  My favorite tracks are Body Electric, Small Town Heroes and End of the Line  I am going to see her on April 1 at Club Dada and I can't wait.

Sturgill Simpson's Metamodern Sounds in Country Music.  I already loved Sturgill but this album changed that love to devotion.  I'm still kicking myself for missing his show in Dallas because I waited too long to buy tickets but I am remedying that by seeing him with Jason Isbell in a few short weeks.  My favorite tracks are Turtles All the Way Down, Long White Line and Life of Sin.  He voice is reminiscent of Waylon but he is much more than a nostalgia, copycat act.  He is the real deal and what they should be playing on country radio.

They Want My Soul by Spoon - An awesome album from an awesome Texas band.  Favorite Songs - Do You, Inside Out and Rent I Pay.

I Never Learn by Lykke Li is one of my absolute favorites.  I love everything about her except that I'm not sure how to say her name.  Likey? Licky? My favorite songs are No Rest for the Wicked, Just Like a Dream, Gunshot and Love Me Like I'm not Made of Stone.   Another artist that makes me so thankful that I live in the age internet and can find awesome music that they don't play on the radio. 

Beck's Morning Phase is such a dreamy album.  It's not funky, white boy Beck.  It's a put your headphones on and lay back and relax album.  I feel like it is Sea Change Two.  My favorite songs are Heart is a Drum, Blue Moon and Morning.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Amy's Country Music Awards - Best Male Artist

Oh the sadness of the current male artists being played on country radio.  We've even coined a term, Bro Music to describe the truck driving, beer drinking, lady chasing songs that we can't get away from on the radio.  There are still wonderful performers who write heartfelt, meaningful country songs.  This post is for them.  They might not be nominated for awards or played on the radio yet but I have faith that someday soon we will make a return to true country music.  These are my nominations for best male country artists.

Sturgill Simpson is amazing.  This is the title track of his most recent album, Turtles All the Way Down.  Why oh why is country radio not eating this man up?  He is amazing.  I really can't wrap my brain around the fact that I've never heard one of his songs on the radio. 

Jason Isbell isn't easily put in a box.  Is this country? Americana?  I'm not sure but what I do know is that it's wonderful and I can happily report that I have heard his songs played on 95.9 the Ranch.  This song is Traveling Alone.
I sometimes forget that people all over the country don't get to hear the wonderful Texas music we hear here.  I'm not stingy and I'll share our wonderful artists with everyone.  Hayes Carll deserves so much more love and recognition than he gets.  This is a duet, Another Like you. 

Another Texas treasure is the awesome Zane Williams.  It was hard to pick which song to share but A Little Too Late is one of my favorites. 

My final nominee is Brian Wright with Striking Matches.  


Amy's County Music Awards - Best Female Artist

Oh if I were in charge of the world, you would be hearing such wonderful music on the radio.  You wouldn't have to dig out the gems on the internet but could just turn on the radio and hear true song craft, the songs with meaning and heart.   

First up is the wonderful Nikki Lane with Right Time who should be a country queen.  She will be in DFW at the Granada on NYE.  I haven't caught her live yet but she's high on my list.

Next up is the Brandy Clark who actually got a CMA nomination for New Artist.  Wouldn't it be amazing if the incredibly talented 35 year old, lesbian won a CMA?  She's a great song writer who wrote Better Dig Two and Mama's Broken Heart.  Even if you don't know her or her name you probably know her songs. 

Lori McKenna is another talented song writer that you probably have heard her songs even if you haven't heard of her.  This is the title song from her newest album, Numbered Doors.

Holly Williams is from a famous country music family but that doesn't mean that she's getting by on her name only.  She is a treasure.  This is Drinkin'.
Ashley Monroe is part of the Pistol Annie's which also includes Miranda Lambert.   She should be played on country radio too.  Okay that's my five nominations for best of country music that you should be hearing on the radio.  

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

the amazing john moreland...

I was so incredibly blown away by John Moreland when I first heard him and nothing has changed.  I don't know exactly what it is that makes this music touch my heart and soul so much.  I guess a combination of the voice and the meaningful lyrics.  I started this blog to promote what I love and I love John Moreland's music. 

Here is a wonderful song that will be on his next album - "You don't care enough for me to cry".  He has a pledge campaign to raise funds for his new album.  He has hit his goal but you can still pre-order.  If you love heartfelt, genuine, original music, you should financially support the artists making that music.

The pledge campaign is still going. we hit the goal already (thanks!) but every little bit helps, so if you feel like pre-ordering, please do, and tell your friends.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

My fireworks playlist

So I went to the Boomin 4th in Hudson Oaks and had a great time.  I saw some old friends, held hands with my honey and enjoyed small town Fourth of July.  The fireworks were great but the music, Lee Greenwood and Neil Diamond didn't do it for me and please no Katy Perry.  My wish to chose music for my whole world is overwhelming so I thought I would share some tunes I would play if I were putting together the fabulous fireworks to music extravaganza. 

First the fabulous Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings, patriotic but funky and fresh.  Here cover of This Land is your Land. 

Next up POD Boom - I think we should all wear red white and blue track suits and grow dreads so we can look awesome banging our heads. lol
Yes, I know it's a bop she bop song but I think it works and we have to mix it up.  Pretwerking Miley Cyrus - Party in the USA.
Next up Tyrone Wells and Freedom.  I love him, I really love him, (for Suzanne)
Not really sure its appropriate for the fourth but I love Hayes so KMAG YOYO

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Hello Summer Playlist

I decided to make a new summer playlist.  For some reason one day I decided I just had altogether too many playlists and started deleting them! Why did I do that?  Now, of course, I miss my deleted playlists.  Who cares if I have dozens of playlists?  So I asked for suggestions from friends.  I always discover a few cool new songs that way.  I also discover some not awesome to my ears songs.  I need to tweak it a bit.  I try to listen to songs a few times before I decide its gone forever.  Sometimes one listen is enough to know that I never want to subject my ears to that trauma again. 

Hello Summer Playlist

I have above attempted to copy my embed code for my spotify playlist into this post.  Will it work?  I have  no idea until I try to post this.  I'm having my doubts since my Blogger seems to be having issues and my publish button is greyed out.  Dang it!

So I shall continue to ramble.  Somehow I seem to have gotten a plus one on this post before I have posted it.  My talents amaze even me at times.  So NPR posted a list of summer songs that just listed the top Billboard songs from summers past.  My summer songs are more about a mood than a release date. 

Here are a few videos.  I try to pick the less mainstream ones that not everyone might have heard.

Bleachers - Roller Coaster.  Audio only but happy, catchy roller coaster song.  It makes my ears happy. 

Best Coast - The Only Place.  This song makes me want to be driving a convertible down the pacific coast highway.  The fact I've never been to California doesn't change this fact at all.


The Drifters - Under the Boardwalk.  I don't think this song will ever get old.  I feel perfect happiness when I hear this song.  If I were Angel, I would lose my soul.

I have such love for Kopecky Family Band.  This is called Heartbeat and it's more about mood than a traditional summer song but I heart it.  When I see them I like to figure out how I could join the band.  I see some guy jumping around with a tambourine and I think I could TOTALLY replace jumping around with a tambourine guy.  Then they play another song and he's playing the CELLO!  I could not ever play the cello so jumping around tambourine guy is safe from my evil plans to replace him. 
Okay, enjoy your summer, friends!  Post your favorite summer songs in the comments!  Por favor!

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Edgefest 24 - Concert Review

I had a blast at my first Edgefest, Edgefest 24.  When I heard the line up, I knew I wanted to be there.  The Edge, 102.1, is a Dallas radio station.  I guess you would say alternative music. There were fourteen bands four of which where on my want to see and one on my must see list. 

My absolute must see was Beck.  It was my first time catching in him and he did not disappoint. I would say that he did a greatest hits show.  I loved his new album, Morning Phase, but it's so chill that I worried it might not be the greatest live show.  He only sang one song from Morning Phase, Blue Moon.  Funky, white boy Beck was in full force.  I love Beck's weirdness.  I think that's what makes him so creative and different.  I was a little disappointed that so much of the crowd cleared out for Beck's awesome show.  It was a young crowd and I'm sure many of them did not have a great appreciation for Beck but I think those that stayed were won over. 

Also high on my list was the Avett Brothers.  I love the Avett Brothers.  I love their heartfelt lyrics that I thought they might get a little lost in an event like this.  I'm glad they were included because they're one of my top three bands but it surprised me from the Edge because I've only heard ONE of their songs played on their radio station and that was after they had been added to the line up.  I think many of the regular Edge listeners were probably not familiar with the Avett Brothers.  There were actually more people waiting for Cage the Elephant on the second stage than were watching the Avett Brothers on the main stage.  Still they put on their usual high energy show.  I really wish they would retire Talk on Indolence from the lineup.  It's just too much for me but they seem to love performing it.  Seth did some crowd surfing which was great!  I want to see Avett Brothers whenever they come to DFW. 

I think Cage the Elephant was the most popular band at the Edgefest.  They had a great crowd and there was crowd surfing galore.  I love Cage the Elephant just because they try to many different things and don't follow any narrowly defined genre.  Some of it works great some things are a little out there but the result is always creative and interesting.  Matt Shultz absolutely has moves like Jagger.  He was all over the stage dancing and just so much fun to watch, loads more fun than the stand there and sing bands.  I hope they just continue to grow in success and stay the unique creative band that are.

The Neighbourhood was another band that I wanted to catch.  For some reason, I thought they were a British band but I was wrong.  This was the band that I most wanted to give a make over.  If you don't know the Neighbourhood, there most popular song is Sweater Weather.  I love that song and Afraid.  The singer looks like he should be signing in a heave metal band.  he was wearing all black and has all kinds of tattoos.  He looks like you would expect him to since Papa Roach songs but nope, not their music at all.  I will offer my skills as a stylist to the singer free of charge. 

I also wanted to see MS MR but only got to hear them as I was waiting to get in the gates.  I should  have left a little earlier.  They did sound great. 


My biggest surprise was the Kongos.  They were one of my favorites of the day.  They just have great driving beats in their songs.  There's something about that tribal drumming that brings out our primal instincts.  I also think you can't go wrong with a band that rocks out with an accordion.  It's so unexpected.  

Other random thoughts, Grouplove's Hannah Hooper wins the prize for most interesting ensemble for her blue body suit.  Matt Shultz of Cage the Elephant looked sharp in all white.  I love that the venue had clean bathrooms, not to be under appreciated at a music festival.  Still I prefer grass under my feet at a festival.  The teenage girls seemed to love Bastille the best or more particularly singer, Dan Smith.  A big thank you to the weather for not being too hot and sunny but it was very, very windy.