Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Amy's County Music Awards - Best Female Artist

Oh if I were in charge of the world, you would be hearing such wonderful music on the radio.  You wouldn't have to dig out the gems on the internet but could just turn on the radio and hear true song craft, the songs with meaning and heart.   

First up is the wonderful Nikki Lane with Right Time who should be a country queen.  She will be in DFW at the Granada on NYE.  I haven't caught her live yet but she's high on my list.

Next up is the Brandy Clark who actually got a CMA nomination for New Artist.  Wouldn't it be amazing if the incredibly talented 35 year old, lesbian won a CMA?  She's a great song writer who wrote Better Dig Two and Mama's Broken Heart.  Even if you don't know her or her name you probably know her songs. 

Lori McKenna is another talented song writer that you probably have heard her songs even if you haven't heard of her.  This is the title song from her newest album, Numbered Doors.

Holly Williams is from a famous country music family but that doesn't mean that she's getting by on her name only.  She is a treasure.  This is Drinkin'.
Ashley Monroe is part of the Pistol Annie's which also includes Miranda Lambert.   She should be played on country radio too.  Okay that's my five nominations for best of country music that you should be hearing on the radio.  

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